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Hungryroot: Ginger Tahini Yuba Noodles with Broccoli Rice and Thai Peanut Sauce

Here is the last meal review for my first subscription box of Hungryroot that I received as a gift from one of my sons – Ginger Tahini Uba Noodles with Broccoli Rice and Thai Peanut Sauce.

Received in the Hungryroot Box : Ginger Tahini Uba Noodles, Thai Peanut Sauce and Broccoli Rice.


I added some brown rice and some mushrooms to bulk up the meal. I also used some of my All-Purpose Seasoning to punch up the flavor. I had to make Peanut Sauce because I had used all of the sauce in the Lemongrass Tofu Nuggets Stir-fry with Thai Peanut Sauce. Plus, we liked my Peanut Sauce better.

Like the other meals that I reviewed, this one was very easy and fast to assemble.