I’ve always enjoyed good eats. Making them, eating them, and if I didn’t have a black thumb I’d like to grow them. I am working on that “black thumb”. An aero garden has become a recent friend.

This is the place to see what’s going on in my kitchen. I have new recipes weekly. Also, Cathryn’s Kitchen is working on weekly menus to help plan your meals, shopping trips, and just make your life easier for you and your families. My desire is to bring to you the most flavorful and healthful meals you can enjoy at your mealtime. These days everyone is so busy with children and their extra activities, work, church and whatever else seems to try to get our time. I hope you might get an inspiration to try something new, or just gain a little help for, ” What’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner?”

Let my catering and personal chef experience help you give your family the most healthy and delicious meals you have ever made. I know how to stretch a dollar and make amazing dishes for a family. At one time in our house there were four men (husband and three sons  – all very tall) eating, virtually continuously. So, if you need a little help or inspiration come and visit me here. Grab a cup of coffee and take just a few minutes to catch your breath and let us help make your day better than it was before.