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Cathryn’s Kitchen: Plant Powered and Gluten-free Cookbook

This book has been a hard work of love. I am excited to share this book of healthy and delicious recipes with you. It can be found online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble for the hard copy and the e-version at many different sites. I also have it available in my store. It is my joy to share these recipes that make Whole Food Plant Based eating such an adventure. Join me on that adventure through all my recipes.

Also, I would really like to hear from you for ideas for my next book. What kind of book would you like next? Expanded recipes? Meal Plans? Just drop me a line or two here cathryn@cathryn’

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The recipes are tried and true. They are recipes that I use often and even some of them daily. I cover everything from basic items to keep your plant based gluten-free kitchen stocked. Of course, there is a section just for condiments. The condiments take the meal to the next level of goodness. Need some soup or salad ideas? Maybe some appetizers for a gathering. I have got all of those in this book.

Cathryn’s Kitchen: Plant Powered and Gluten-free Cookbook will give you ideas for just about any meal or snack, and even some treats. It is a good resource when you have run out of ideas for meals, or you are just wanting to expand your culinary repertoire.

All the recipes have been tested multiple times and approved by omnivores and vegans alike. My hope is that this cookbook will be a go to friend that is well loved. Because this cookbook was written with love and a desire to share the goodness of a plant powered and gluten-free kitchen.

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I am so excited to say that today I sent my manuscript off to the publisher. I still cannot believe it is sent. A happy dance is going on right now. It almost seems surreal. All the cooking, revising, photo taking has been worth the effort. I did not accomplish this feat  on my own. My husband has been such an inspiration, taste tester, dish washer, editor, sounding board and so many other things. I am a very blessed girl.

I will keep you updated on the progress. I am sure there will be more editing and other things that I still do not know about to do. I am still soaking in the feeling off accomplishment thus far.

I just want to say thanks for the support and help from my family and friends.