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Creamy Citrus Dressing/Sauce

This sauce I came up with by combining my Citrus Vinaigrette and my Cashew Sour Cream. The combination turned out amazing. I have used it to make a jackfruit salad and as a sauce for a Roasted Root Vegetable Bowl. It would be great as a dressing for a salad.

Add the cashew sour cream to the Citrus Vinaigrette to achieve desired consistency. Stir to thoroughly combine together.

Serve. Eat. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Creamy Citrus Dressing/Sauce

  1. What a great idea!

    1. Hi Sheree. The flavor of this dressing/sauce is amazing. Thanks for stopping by Cathryn’s Kitchen.

      1. Always a pleasure and always informative Cathryn

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