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Cultured Macadamia Milk

What I thought was an epic fail turned out to be an amazing success. I was attempting to make homemade yogurt with macadamia milk. It did not turn out how I thought it would. The milk never turned into yogurt. It did not have the thickness that I desired.

Macadamia milk is too expensive to throw out, so I decided to get REALLY creative. I will share what I made in another post, but I want to share how I made the cultured milk. The milk has a slight tang. It reminds me a little of buttermilk, but not as thick of a consistency.

You can make it in the oven, dehydrator, instant pot and of course a yogurt maker. I am a sucker for a kitchen gadget. I cannot help it, I like kitchen gadgets, so I bought me a yogurt maker.

I purchased some yogurt cultures, but you can actually use a pre-made yogurt to start your own. I chose to use yogurt cultures, because I was attempting making Macadamia Yogurt and I did not want to mix it with any other type.

This Cultured Macadamia Milk  was made for a client that has many food allergies so it was necessary to use the cultures instead of a pre-made yogurt.

The process does take some time, at least using the yogurt maker. That is time that you can use doing something else – multitasking. This recipe only requires two ingredients: macadamia milk and vegan yogurt cultures. You can use any kind of plant milk that you so desire. Homemade milks work the best.

  • 32 oz. macadamia milk (any plant milk will do)
  • 1 packet of vegan yogurt cultures

Note: This is how I made my cultured milk; however, you will want to follow the yogurt culture directions.

Heat milk to 108-110 degrees. It is important the milk is heated to this point so that the cultures will be activated. You do not want it any hotter or it will kill the cultures.

Whisk in the cultures into the milk. Transfer the milk mixture into glass jars. I used the jars that came with the yogurt maker. Place in the yogurt maker and let it do its job. It takes about 6-8 hours in the yogurt maker to make the cultured milk. Chill for at least 3 hours before using.

Use to make dips, sauces and dressings.


Serve. Eat. Enjoy.


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