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Savory Chickpea Crepes

Recently I brought to you the Red Lentil Tortillas and they have been a big hit. Chickpea Crepes have been on my mind lately. I used to make regular crepes, until I went WFPB Gluten-Free. These crepes are nutritious, flavorful, have minimal ingredients and are easy to make.

I increased the servings amount. Initially the recipe was half the amount, but that just was not enough, so I doubled it. the hardest thing is letting the batter rest.

In a high-speed blender add all the ingredients. Blend until completely combined. Cover the batter and let rest for a couple of hours at room temperature, or refrigerate overnight.

Heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat. Make sure you wait for the skillet to heat up. I got too impatient and ruined my first crepe. That was a sad moment.

Pour the batter into the pan tilting it to make a large circle.

Cook 1 1/2 -2 minutes, the top of the crepe will look dry. Slide a spatula around the edges to loosen and carefully flip the crepe . Cook the other side until it is browned, about 1 minute. As the skillet gets hot and remains hot the crepes take less time to make.
Do not get disheartened if the first crepe does not turn out. Look at it as a test to see if the pan is hot enough. It is still edible, just not pretty.

Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “Savory Chickpea Crepes

  1. I make loads of these and they’re yummy! You’re right the difficult bit is letting the batter rest. I find overnight is best.

    1. Hi Sheree. I agree, letting it rest overnight is best. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Where will I find chickpea flour?

    1. Hi Susan. Chickpea flour can be found in some grocery store, or more of a health food store. I grind my own by grinding dried chickpeas, whisk I found in my grocery. I know whole foods carries chickpea flour. I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

    2. Also known as Garbanzo Flour – that’s how I found it 🙂

      1. That’s great Teresa! Let me know how it goes. Thanks for checking in .

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  4. I just made them & I am beyond thrilled with how versatile they are. I used one as a wrap for chickpea salad with avocado & it was amazing!!!!!! P.S. They are also tasty!

    1. Hi Lisa. I am so glad that you enjoyed them. They really do come in handy. Thanks for stopping by Cathryn’s Kitchen.

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