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Outrageous Brownie Parfait

This dessert hits all the buttons: Chocolatey, Creamy, Slightly Sweet, Crunchy, and totally Luscious.


Serve this in a Trifle Bowl and you will be hearing oohs and aahs all around. The Trifle Bowl will give you a beautiful presentation. However, using small clear glasses is perfect when you only need a couple of parfaits.

Layer parfait accordingly: Outrageous Brownie, Sweet Potato Cream, Strawberries, Whipped Plant Cream and Top with Vanilla-Pumpkin Spice Pecans. Repeat layers again if you choose.


6 thoughts on “Outrageous Brownie Parfait

  1. Where’s my spoon? This looks truly scrumptious.

    1. Scrumptious is the perfect word.

    1. Thanks. It is amazing.

  2. Wowie! So tempting!

    1. This is a healthy indulgence.

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