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Cathryn’s Kitchen: Plant Powered and Gluten-free Cookbook

Every once in a while I have to pinch myself just to remind myself that it has really happened. My cookbook is officially out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (the hard copy). The electronic copy is on a number of different sites.

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The recipes are tried and true. They are recipes that I use often and even some of them daily. I cover everything from basic items to keep your plant based gluten-free kitchen stocked. Of course, there is a section just for condiments. The condiments take the meal to the next level of goodness. Need some soup or salad ideas? Maybe some appetizers for a gathering. I have got all of those in this book.

Cathryn’s Kitchen: Plant Powered and Gluten-free Cookbook will give you ideas for just about any meal or snack, and even some treats. It is a good resource when you have run out of ideas for meals, or you are just wanting to expand your culinary repertoire.

All the recipes have been tested multiple times and approved by omnivores and vegans alike. My hope is that this cookbook will be a go to friend that is well loved. Because this cookbook was written with love and a desire to share the goodness of a plant powered and gluten-free kitchen.

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