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Traveling Again

We do a lot of traveling for my husband’s work. Usually once a month, but sometimes it can be more.  I really do not mind traveling, because if we are together then we are home. I like to try out new cuisines and restaurants, however, we do have a few favorite restaurants that we do like to frequent.

During this trip I thought I would share some of the “go to” things I do when we travel. We always stay at a hotel with a kitchenette and usually offers a free breakfast. This is really important to stay on plan. After we get our car rental we usually then go and hit the grocery store. Sometimes I get a little carried away. I need to remember we are only here for so many days. I did pretty good this trip.

Because the hotel where we stay usually has oatmeal at their breakfast offering. I always get the oatmeal. I make a few additions to the oatmeal that I purchased from the grocery: raspberries, almond butter (in a packet) and some plant milk. Oh, andI grab a cup of coffee. This is a filling and nourishing breakfast to start my day.

The featured image at the top of the post is one from a previous trip on one of my walks. I always try to get some outdoor exercise on our trips if I can. The natural vitamin D is good for you. In the winter It can be difficult, but I try. I did not see any wildlife on today’s walk. Hopefully, tomorrow I will see some wildlife while I am out in the sunshine.

I will focus on lunch, on my next post. It will feature items from my grocery run earlier in the week. It will show you how easy it is to stay on your eating plan even when you have to travel.


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