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Pan Toasted Pecans

However you say the name, Pecans, it really does not matter. They are delicious any way you say it. I like to toast them in a pan and add a few little touches to make them a step above ordinary – extraordinary.

You can change up the flavorings and make them different every time. I like to add them to salads for a crunch factor. Just snacking on them is good too. They are just plain good.

  • 3/4 c pecans halves
  • 2 tsp coconut sugar
  • pinch pepper
  • pinch cinnamon

In a non-stick pan. (I like to use a ceramic pan, it works beautifully.) over medium-high heat add all the ingredients. Toss periodically.

DSC_0048 42

Toast pecans until the coconut sugar has melted and coated the nuts.

Transfer nuts to a piece of foil to cool.

DSC_0049 32

Enjoy just as they are or add them to a salad. The hint of pepper brings out the cinnamon. By warming the cinnamon the flavor is magnified.


4 thoughts on “Pan Toasted Pecans

  1. Looks yummy

    1. Thanks Mistimaan.

  2. love these, I can eat whole pan by myself !

    1. Me too. Thanks for stopping by.

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