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Cashew Vanilla Frosting

This is a frosting that is not overly sweet and only uses 5 – 6 ingredients, Besides, who does not like a good vanilla frosting? Another thing, you make it in the blender. Now that is easy. Oh and something else, it is healthy.

  • 5oz. dates, pitted, chopped
  • 1 c cashews, unsalted, raw
  • 3/4 c water, hot
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tbsp vanilla paste, or 1 vanilla bean
  • pinch of sea salt

In a blender combine all the ingredients. Let stand 45 minutes, or until dates and cashews are softened.

DSC_0041 14

DSC_0042 12


Cover blender and blend until smooth and creamy. You can add more water if frosting is too stiff.

DSC_0044 5

Note: this frosting has a tannish color. You can substitute Vanilla Powder if you want it to be a lighter color.


9 thoughts on “Cashew Vanilla Frosting

  1. So yummy it is

    1. Thank you. I have been using this for more than frosting.

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  3. Miam I think I will copy this and do it on my blog with your name will that be okay?

    1. Thank you.

    2. Thank you. that would be an honor.

  4. Ooo I love me a good cashew frosting! Lovely!

    1. Me too. I have used it in the baking process also.

    2. I will be posting a chocolate version soon.

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