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When in Paris…

How do you eat when in Paris?


It really was not as hard as I thought it would be. Yes, they have croissants, and baguettes. Baguettes are served with every meal. I did not indulge because I knew if I did I would feel miserable the rest of the day. So I lived vicariously through my husband. He enjoyed them for both of us. That made me happy.

Paris is a bustling city. Traffic is a little insane. We walked most of the time, or ubered it other times. We were very fortunate to be staying by a number of cafes in walking distance. Meals were so enjoyable. This is what I got from Paris…

Meals should be a nourishing experience.


The cafes are wonderful. Take your time during your meal. Enjoy the environment, smells and all that is before you. Meals in Paris are partaken at a leisurely pace. Nothing comes to you quickly. You are pretty much left alone to enjoy your meal and people watch. (Nicoise Salad)

Surprisingly, eating Paleo is easier to do than I thought it would be and an enjoyable Parisian experience.

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