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Travel and Buffets

My husband and I just returned from a 7 day cruise. We had a very relaxing time. It is one of our favorite ways to vacation. Even during the relaxing we did a lot of observing. Observing people in all sorts of environments is one of my favorite things to do when traveling. Let’s just say, a cruise gives you many opportunities to people watch. It is just like getting a dinner and a show all at one time.

One thing that I noticed over the course of the 7 days is that most people do not have control when it comes to vacation buffets. Really. This is not scientific, however, my guesstimate is about 80% of the people I observed went crazy when they went through the breakfast buffet. I had never seen so much bacon on any given plate. Truly shocking and amazing at the same time. It got me thinking a lot about the food and body connection.

When I thought about food I thought of how blessed our country is with the availability of accessible food. Not only how blessed, but also how overindulgent and wasteful we have become. Does one person really need a half a pound of bacon in one setting? The servers are so accustomed to dishing out large portions I had to tell them I wanted less. No wonder people gain 5-10 pounds when they go on a cruise. I can honestly say we did not gain any weight and we exercised. It was a great week that we got to focus on body,  mind and spirit.

What really bothered me was the wastefulness. We would be leaving the dining area and I would see hundreds of plates half full of uneaten food. Why? If you are not going to eat it, why take it?  One word comes to mind, that has become a buzzword – mindful(ness).

Sometimes I wonder if we even give any thought to what we as a people put in our mouths and bodies. Are we being mindful of our actions and the results of those actions? From the observations I made that week I would say, probably not. Once again, this is just a matter of observation, but my guesstimate is that 75-80% of the people that were cruising were overweight to morbidly obese. This was somewhat shocking to me. It made an impression on me that I probably will never forget. We are only given one body and how we treat that body will respond in like. This trip strengthened my resolve to treat my body as a special gift and treat it with respect. It is the only one I will be given for my entire life and it deserves the best I can give it.


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