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Smokey Southwestern Pork Tenderloin Sandwich with Balsamic Aioli – Round 2

For round 2 I made a grilled Smokey Southwestern Pork Tenderloin and Provolone Sandwich with a Balsamic Syrup Aioli. This was a quick put together with lots of flavor.

To make Balsamic Aioli: mix together homemade mayonnaise and balsamic syrup, until well combined.

Drizzle a cast iron skillet with avocado oil. Brush oil in skillet to evenly distribute in skillet. Heat skillet over medium heat while assembling sandwiches.

To assemble sandwich for grilling : layer a slice of gluten-free bread, sliced pork tenderloin; slather balsamic aioli over pork tenderloin. Layer provolone and top with a slice of gluten-free bread.

Cook in skillet until each side is golden and cheese is melted. Serve with some sliced veggies or fruit.

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