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Traveling and Food

Do you find it hard to eat healthy when you travel? Now this may sound weird but, I think I actually eat better when I travel. Why? Because, I do not want to feel sick when I am not at home in my comfort zone. To be honest, I think we use traveling as an excuse to cut loose a little and eat the way we use to before we decided to eat healthfully.

Think about it. How many times have you said, “After my vacation I will get back on track.” I am not saying a little indulgence once in a while is bad, but come on how many once in a whiles are you having?

I have tried to make it a rule when I travel to make sure the indulgence is worth the bite. Is the indulgence really worth the second bite? I will give you examples from my day.

Breakfast: I ordered a veggie omelet with hash browns on the side and gluten free toast. The omelet was a rather large portion so I only ate half. The hash browns were okay, but not worth more than a couple of bites. The toast was good. It is hard to get gluten-free bread when you eat out. This was my little indulgence. I only ate one, instead of both showing some restraint. Besides I was full, and it was not worth going into the bonus round level.

Lunch: I tried out a restaurant I had never been to. The chef was a James Beard award winner (That is a big deal in the foodie world). Their theme was innovative small plates. I liked the idea of something light, but would not leave me starving in two hours. I tried a fixed menu of salad, main course and a dessert. The salad was an unique seafood salad. Consisting mostly of matchstick veggies and a variety of different seafood. The plate was artfully displayed. The bites matched the beauty of the plate. This salad was worth the bites. The main course was just as beautifully plated ( a stuffed chicken breast with ricotta and spinach on top of mashed potatoes with a mushroom demi-glace sauce). It actually sounded better than it tasted. The main dish was a little over cooked and dry. Needless to say, it was not worth all the bites it would require to finish the dish. I left some on the plate. Finally, the dessert was a chocolate torte cake with some kind of gelato and a raspberry sauce. Once again the plate was beautiful. However, there was no flavor. I expected to taste chocolate in the cake. I did not. It made me somewhat sad because I really like chocolate cake. I had literally two bites. It was not worth eating. The gelato was velvety but had no flavor. I tried two bites, still no flavor. The raspberry sauce was divine. That was worth every bite. I wish there was more of the raspberry sauce.

Dinner: Tried a new to me restaurant that pays homage to the origin of food, with farm-fresh ingredients and naturally raised products. We started our meal with a cheese board. What is nice about an appetizer like this is that there is variety. Since there is a variety of items, if there is one you do not like you can try something else and save some bites. My main course was Diver Scallops and Spring Vegetables. This was a healthful and worth every bite dish. When the meal was completed I was satiated and felt good.


It all comes down to choices. Are you choosing to take bites out of things that are only mediocre or are you going to take the bites out of something amazing? Are you going to take a bite of something that will not make you feel good or that you will regret later on? Which bite will you take?

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