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I made this for Valentine’s Day with homemade pasta sheets. It was so good that I made it again about a week later. This is not completely Paleo, however it is grain-free. I did keep the dairy down to a minimum without changing the flavor. Serve this with a side salad and Focaccia Bread and you will have a wonderful Sunday Night Supper.


This is not a hard recipe, however it does take a little time to assemble. The meat sauce and cashew cream I had already had made. I almost always have meat sauce in the freezer and cashew cream in the refrigerator .

I have made these into two different sizes of pans. I make a 8×8 pan just for home, or I split the recipe into two loaf pans – one for home and one to share. Depending what pan you use it will make 3-8 servings. Any way you slice it it will be delicious.

Combine cashew cream, egg, parmesan cheese and mediterranean seasoning. Mix well.

Now it is time to layer your ingredients. Start with the meat sauce and then layer some noodles. Spread cashew cream mixture on top of noodles. Sprinkle mozzarella on top of the cashew cream mixture. Layer more noodles. Repeat with the meat sauce and continue building your layers. You should end with the cashew cream and mozzarella layer on the top.

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